These are the frequently asked questions that came from our customers and potential customers:

  • What are the ingredients in your hair butter products?  Our products are Shea Butter based and contain a unique blend of essential oils targeted to increase hair growth, stop thinning and increase moisture….
  • Can I use all of the hair butter products at the same time?  YES, but we recommend the plain hair butter for normal usage on non-damaged hair, extreme hair butter for any type of damaged hair and the edge regrowth butter for your edges specifically. All products start with a base of the same ingredients but the extreme and edge regrowth has additional products above the base and each are a unique blend…….
  • What’s the best hair butter for the bald spots on my head? The Extreme Hair Butter addresses balding and thinning of the hair.
  • Why isn’t my hair growing after 30 days of usage? Not all customers will have immediate results, the average customer see results after 30 days of usage while others see results after 45 days but most customers have less thinning and more moisture within the 30 days of usage of any of the products. Persistence with usage is the key to increasing your hair growth.
  • Will medications I take interact with your hair butter products?  There should be no interactions since we use only natural products but if you have a known allergy to essential oils the product could be less effective.
  • Can you customize a blend for my unique hair situation? YES, if you have special needs we can customize a blend for your specific needs. (E.G... customers in the military may not be able to use products containing HEMP OIL which is a main component in our hair butter SO we have a great alternative that has NO HEMP just for them.)
  • Do you store my credit card information?  NO! We have no access to you payment information, when you place your order our processing center (GODADDY) manages all of the accounting and we’re notified of payment.
  • How often should I apply the extreme hair butter for my damaged hair?  For damaged hair we recommend using the extreme hair butter every other day until the damages are noticeably reduced, for balding areas we recommend applying butter daily to the bald spot until you see growth then reduce.
  • What other products do you sell? We have a complete list of products on our website, we address most skin and hair needs including eczema, psoriasis, radiation damage, burn repair and dark spot removal butter.
  • What type of Shea Butter is used in the hair butter products? We use organic refined and unrefined Shea Butter in all of our products
  • Why does the body pudding work better than traditional lotions? Traditional lotions aren’t made to penetrate the skin but our body pudding is blended to moisturize your skin but to change it after repeat usage..
  • Does your hair butter products contain Monoxidil or Rogaine? NO!! We only use natural products.
  • How long before I can expect to see new growth using your hair butter products? There is no guarantee on growth but the average customer sees growth after 30 days of usage while others at 45 days.
  • Do you offer automatic shipments? NO. We have no access to your credit card information therefore you must reorder the products when you’re ready.
  • When will the products be available at my local retail store?  We are working on retail shelf space and hope to have our products out within the next 18 months but we will always sell online for your convenience as well.
  • How long have you been making the hair butter products?   Since 2004 we’ve made a variation of hair butter but only recently started selling online. We have customers who had success and have used our products since 2004 thru today.
  • Can I use your hair butter products on my infant?  NO! Essential oils shouldn’t be used on infants.
  • How long before I receive my shipment? We try our best to ship within 48 hours of payments being posted and will notify you if there’s a backlog or if we’re unable to ship within 72 hours.
  • Do you sell or share my contact information? NO! We only store your immediate name, address and sales information for our own marketing usage and would never sell or publish your private information. For those providing before and after pictures we won’t publish these without your permission!

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