There are many products on the market dealing with various skin issues, hair loss, hair growth etc. While raising my kids I found a need for products that didn't contain alcohol or preservatives and that actually worked, my mother was into using Shea Butter with great results so I went to work to find a way to make products using 100% Shea Butter that wouldn't need preservatives or additives for my personal use. I created small batches and it was a success. When others tried my products they demanded more for themselves so I started creating these unique products and the rest is history. Below is a small list of my favorites, we add new products periodically but if you have a specific issue please use the contact form for support.

StressEzz is a unique blend of epsom salt and oils used to soak away your aches and pains. This recipe is so potent you may need help getting out the bathtub. I've had great results with athletes using this product to recover from workouts and games faster and since its all natural they can use it on a daily basis without harm.

Hair Butter is a custom blend of Shea Butter and essential oils that stops dryness, breakage and balding. This product replaces your usage of hair grease, its only applied to your scalp and you will see immediate relief and shine with regular usage.

Blended Oils are a unique blend of oils and other ingredients to address various skin conditions including burns, radiation recovery, eczema, psoriasis etc. These products help to protect and repair your skin when used properly.

Regrowth Butter is used to help regrow your damaged hair with a focus on your hairline or edges due to damage from braiding, weaves etc. This custom blend is Hair Butter amplified and you will see results within weeks of using this product properly.

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